Top 50 Best Sellers on Kindle – 2015

Reading makes people progress.BrandsWise share the top 50 Best Sellers in Kindle Store with you. Each book was revised by the readers, and each review was agreed by some other readers. you will not waste any time if you read the list of the top 50 Best Sellers in Kindle Store. And you can also view the Top 100 Paid & Top 100 Free Best Sellers in Kindle Store.

Top 50 Best Sellers on Kindle – 2015

Top 50 Best Sellers on Kindle – 2015

1. The Girl on the Train: A Novel by Paula Hawkins

  • “ It’s twists and turns will keep you interested until the very end. ” – By Tina Kreidler
  • “ All the characters were well written. ” – By Melinda K. Zimmermann
  • “ Hard to put down once I started reading and finished it in one day. ” – By Joe K Kremer

2. American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History by Chris Kyle

  • “ A very well written book and I found it very easy to read. ” – By Paul Jernberg
  • “ I am thankful for men like Chris and the service they freely give for God and country! ” – By Steve McLaury
  • “ I really like the way he tells the story, no bragging just the way things happened. ” – By annette conley

3. Maude by Donna Mabry

  • “ Very good book that held my interest. ” – By Linda Hibbs
  • “ It’s a wonderful written and true story of the author’s Grandmother’s life. ” – By Sandra D.
  • “ You will cry many times but like me, you will keep reading, hoping it will get better. ” – By mtkk

4. When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde

  • “ Great story and characters written very well. ” – By Rachel Harmeyer
  • “ I found this book very hard to put down, until the last page was read. ” – By Clare
  • “ This book shows the profound difference that one person can make in a child’s life by loving unconditionally. ” – By Red Oak

5. Miramont’s Ghost by Elizabeth Hall

  • “ This book was well written .the characters were well developed and the story line was so good that I read it very quickly. ” – By sharon fader
  • “ I felt like there were moments where the story felt like it was really starting to get interesting, and then that plot point would just come to an end. ” – By infinity24
  • “ I read the book in a day as I couldn’t put it down. ” – By Heather Collea

6. Stepbrother Untouchable by Colleen Masters

  • “ The story was well written and the characters well developed. ” – By Barbara H
  • “ I would recommended it if you enjoy a hot romance with a great plot. ” – By Zana
  • “ I finished this book in one sitting; I couldn’t put it down, and after I was done, I wanted to read it again. ” – By Amazon Customer

7. Miss Buncle’s Book by D.E. Stevenson

  • “Fun book to read. ” – By N. Schmitz
  • “ Cleverly written with delightful character insights!! ” – By Penny
  • “ How delightful to read this story with a twist….the characters were charming and interesting as the plot thickens toward the pleasant ending. ” – By Amazon Customer

8. Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

  • “ Great characters and very well written. ” – By Katherine Flanagan
  • “ This book kept me guessing until the very end! ” – By PR
  • “ It was hard to put book down once I started to read it! ” – By Alan Coombs

9. Flirting with Felicity by Gerri Russell

  • “ Good book entertaining light read A little predictable but otherwise good will recommend.. ” – By Amazon Customer
  • “ Great story, great plot, great characters. ” – By annie
  • “ Two many characters reacting to another’s thoughts. ” – By Shalynn

10. All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel by Anthony Doerr

  • “ Well written and a beautiful story with well developed characters. ” – By Dennis Hart
  • “ It was a book that you just wanted to keep reading but at the same time you want to put off finishing. ” – By ekamm
  • “ This was a very interesting and well written book. ” – By Pauline

11. Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn

  • “ This book was very well written and kept my interest with its great twists and turns. ” – By ROBIN DIETRICH
  • “ I really wanted to like this book, but the ending was just terrible! ” – By K. Brooks
  • “ Very interesting story and character development. ” – By Patsy

12. Love Me Sweet (A Bell Harbor Novel) by Tracy Brogan

  • ”I loved this sweet, funny story! ” – By Kimberly Kincaid
  • “ Love all the characters. ” – By suzanne a pierson
  • “ I love the zany characters in the Bell Harbor series that keep returning like Fontaine and Dody, and new ones are added like Reggie and the Paradise Boys in this one. ” – By Patsy

13. Private Vegas by James Patterson

  • “Next book hurry up! ” – By Deborah Arrington
  • “ Easy to read and hard to put down I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good Patterson story. ” – By Deana Brown
  • “ There is far too much rehashing of old story lines with little forward progress. ” – By K. McMenamin

14. Miss Buncle Married by D.E. Stevenson

  • “ Start with the first in the series, Miss Buncle’s Book, then read this one. ” – By Miss Bennett
  • “ Really great fun to read! ” – By Paulette C. Nuttle
  • “ Love the characters. ” – By P DeMaria

15. Crazy Little Thing (A Bell Harbor Novel) by Tracy Brogan

  • “ I laughed out loud! ” – By Patty Nugent
  • “ Tracy Brogan is a new author in my book of authors and I look forward to reading more of her books. ” – By Sherpa Love
  • “ I couldn’t put the book down and finished within two days of reading. ” – By Maron Edward’s

16. Ghost Boy: The Miraculous Escape of a… by Martin Pistorius

  • “ What a story of faith, hope & love. ” – By Karen Grant
  • “ The lyrical writing of this amazing story was beautiful! ” – By BP
  • “ This is an amazing story about an amazing young man. ” – By Melody Merck

17. The Water Is Wide by Pat Conroy

  • “ Conroy is a master story teller who brings the South to life. ” – By D. Andersen
  • “ I really wanted to learn more about te author and his life and this book is doing it so well. ” – By John Walker
  • “ Just not as absorbing as some of his other books: not a very ‘wide’ plot (focus/development). ” – By Elizabeth L. Whitsitt

18. Departure by A.G. Riddle

  • “ Very well written, good character development, fast paced, all the things that make a great book. ” – By Linda S.
  • “ I have read the Atlantis series and this is just as good, I can’t wait for A.G. Riddle’s next book. ” – By Phillip Wynter
  • “ Couldn’t put it down, read this book in two days. ” – By Amy Nicole Stevenson

19. One Night Stand by J. S. Cooper

  • “ I couldn’t put the book down and read at one sitting, and wanted more. ” – By Woolston
  • “ Great characters, likable, sweet story. ” – By Reviewer101
  • “ Throughout this whole book, I just wanted to yell at Liv and tell her to leave Xander alone. ” – By Jayme

20. Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, B… by E L James

  • “ The book isn’t well written, the characters are poorly developed, and really there’s no plot other than they have sex on every page. ” – By J. Sever
  • “ Needless to say I will not read the other ones and I do not recommend this book and suggest you not give into the hype and waste the money. ” – By B
  • “ I was recommended these books by a friend and I am really glad, I would recommend these books to anyone who likes a good romance story and hot steamy sex scenes. ” – By Vanessa

21. Unbroken: A World War II Story of Sur… by Laura Hillenbrand

  • “ This is a true story – author Laura Hillenbrand’s research was impeccable – very well written – an excellent read! ” – By Betty
  • “ Louis Zamperini’s story is absolutely amazing and was an incredibly inspirational man. ” – By Christian Miller
  • “ Thank you I will never forget all these men overcame and how fortunate we are as a country to have the greatest generation. ” – By Jenx

22. Everything Burns by Vincent Zandri

  • “ It was a definite page turner that kept you guessing until the very end! ” – By Amazon Customer
  • “ Only problem it gets a little tedious and unrealistic before you get too the end. ” – By E.K. Tangeman
  • “ Couldn’t put it down which it was the first book I ever read in one day. ” – By polar paws

23. Heart Collector by Jacques Vandroux

  • “ Story had enough twists and turns to keep me on the edge of my seat till the end. ” – By pld
  • “ This was a well written story with well developed characters and a storyline that moved along quickly. ” – By pj
  • “ Some of the events were implausible (I too have a good vocabulary, translator). ” – By T. Schiel

24. The Beauty Series Bundle: Beauty from… by Georgia Cates

  • “ Georgia did an awesome job creating the story of Jack Henry and Laurelyn. ” – By starorchids
  • “ It was truly a eroti well written, steamy read. ” – By Sweetlove and Hotness Britches
  • “ I thought the same thing when I first started reading this book. ” – By Bonnie Lit Junkie

25. Three, Two, One (321): (A Dark Suspense) by JA Huss

From the Author

This is a standalone book, however, it takes place in one of my other “worlds” and you will see someone from Three, Two, One in a book I’m putting out in late spring.

Up next is another standalone about a character who’s been in and out of books in my Rook & Ronin and Dirty, Dark, and Deadly “worlds” for over a year now. Merc’s book will be a dark erotica. MUCH darker than this. So if this was not your thing, skip that one. I will have the sexy, fun Social Media spin-offs going all summer and into the fall. So if you like that stuff more, it’s all good. I can write whatever you want. Just not all the time.  I like the dark stuff, the twisted stuff, and the fun stuff too. So I will write them as they come to me.

26. Stepbrother Billionaire by Colleen Masters

  • “ I don’t like giving less than four stars for a book, but this one just read too much like another 5 star with nearly the same name. ” – By Heidi Keil
  • “ I felt that the author did a great job writing the story! ” – By Wendy Syposs Litz
  • “ It’s a great book, with a sweet story. ” – By Kimi

27. The Escape (John Puller Book 3) by David Baldacci

  • “ Very good book with Great characters, good story line, intrigue, twists and turns and a Pretty believable plot and outcome. ” – By Barbara Graffeo
  • “ Hard to put the book down until it’s finished. ” – By William Thornhill
  • “ Too many characters coming in and out of the story. ” – By Christopher Crabb

28. Fifty Shades Trilogy Bundle: Fifty Sh… by E L James

  • “ I loved, loved, loved these books and did not want the story to end. ” – By Prncesbelle
  • “ The story was very well written. ” – By Joan
  • “ Even the sex became boring and redundant…skipped most all of those scenes because it was sounding too much like the same ole same old. ” – By MemeZ

29. Such Good Girls: The Journey of the H… by R. D. Rosen

  • “ Overall this is a valuable book and well worth reading. ” – By Dienne
  • “ It is well written and despite the three very interesting survivor accounts is all inclusive in its approach and execution. ” – By G.I Gurdjieff
  • “ This was a difficult book to read not because it was poorly written but because the subject matter was intense and emotional. ” – By KATHI

30. Beautiful Redemption: A Novel (Maddox… by Jamie McGuire

  • “ Beautiful Redemption, the second book in the Maddox Brothers series, by Jamie McGuire, was my most anticipated read of 2015! ” – By jkayoung24
  • “ Love me some Maddox boys!! ” – By Vanessa Luck
  • “ I loved the dynamic of all these characters in this book and how each one had their own story. ” – By Kristina

31. That Wintry Feeling (Debbie Macomber… by Debbie Macomber

  • “ Was very happy how it ended. ” – By Joyce J. Hunt
  • “ Wonderful story with characters you can relate to. ” – By Donna
  • “ This was the second time I read the book. ” – By barbara oakley

32. Getting Past What You’ll Never Get Ov… by John F. Westfall

  • “ It is not often that you get a self help book that is written well, with sensitivity and easy to read, so I was pleasantly surprised when I read this one. ” – By Ronelle
  • “ I have good experience working on getting over stuff that happened in the past. ” – By R. U. Moreno
    “ This is a must read for anyone dealing with someone who has anger/forgiveness issues. ” – By Amazon Customer

33. The Atlantis Gene: A Thriller (The Origin Mystery, Book 1) by A.G. Riddle

  • “ A very fast paced story with some great plot twists. ” – By Katya Taylor
  • “ Hard to put the book down once I started reading it. ” – By Amazonian
  • “ While I enjoyed the book, I found the plot to be a bit unbelievable and towards the end, the story got a little confusing. ”  – By Sue

34. The Burning Room (A Harry Bosch Novel Book 19) by Michael Connelly

  • The story line was great and all the twists and turns kept it interesting. ” – By Hatch
  • “ I look forward to the next book. ” – By William Benner
  • “ Seemed a bit haphazard with the 2 story lines and the ending felt a little too rushed and out of left field but, overall a good read. ” – By D. Light

35. The Absolute Best Dump Cake Cookbook:… by Rockridge Press

  • “ Can’ wait for the next brother’s story. ” – By Kindle Customer
  • “ If you have read any of Bolryder’s books pick one any one you won’t be disappointed! ” – By Larissa Martinez
  • “ I loved the bear shifter story line and Ryder was sizzling hot! ” – By Jenny Chandelier

36. The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans… by Daniel James Brown

  • “ This book provides you with how to make your own Gluten Free dump cake and has recipes for several varieties that are very easy to follow. ” – By Melodie
  • “ They all look soooo good too, Can’t wait to try some of these out. ” – By Jasmine Ropon
  • “ For a single guy, this book will help me make good desserts that will impress. ” – By Harry Pecci

37. Five Glass Slippers: A Collection of… by Elisabeth Brown

  • “ Great Story; very well researched and written. ” – By John Terry
  • “ The constant strength and resilience of the young men from the Boys in the Boat is an truly inspiring American story. ” – By Kenzie Woods
  • “ Even though I knew the story and ending, couldn’t put this book down until I read the last words. ” – By jmb

38. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacif… by Cheryl Strayed

  • “ The relationships of the characters in this story really stuck out to me. ” – By Onto Her Bookshelf
  • “ If you enjoy fairy tale retellings or any of the genres included than I highly recommend reading this book. ” – By Rina from Rina’s Reading
  • “ The stories are charming, unique, and well crafted. ” – By TheMinstrelWarrior

39. Still Alice by Lisa Genova

  • “ Excellent story about Cheryl Strayed’s journey to find herself by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail solo with practically no backpacking experience. ” – By Donald Anderson
  • “ A very well written, beautiful story. ” – By Kate Lamar
  • “ I couldn’t put this book down, it held my interest from the very first page to the last one. ” – By Patricia M.

40. Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim

  • “ Still Alice offers you an insight to the inner workings of a woman diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. ” – By anthropos
  • “ It is very well written. ” – By J Zimmerman
  • “ I just finished reading this book and I could not put it down. ” – By Rose

41. Dare (Brothers of Ink and Steel Book 1) by Allie Juliette Mousseau

  • “ Great story, great characters! ” – By Kindle Customer
  • “ This book was sweet, sexy, steamy, naughty, suspenseful and took me on one emotional roller coaster with a beautiful ending. ” – By Brianna @ Renee Entress’s Blog
  • “ He’s strong, he’s a firefighter, he’s an MMA fighter, and he’s amazingly sexy! ” – By Brittani -Midtown Underground

42. FALL by Cora Brent

  • “ I loved Deck from previous Gentry Brothers books Jenny is a character from my favorite book of Cora’s MC series. ” – By Amazon Customer
  • “ I have really enjoyed this series and the relationships between all the characters. ” – By defenbaker
  • “ I read this book quickly because i couldnt stop! ” – By Sarita

43. Mail-Order Brides of the West: Trudy:… by Debra Holland

  • “ I really enjoyed this book about Trudy and Seth, and look forward reading more of the mail order bride series. ” – By Alice Francis
  • “ I recommend everyone that enjoys this type of book to read this. ” – By SYNDIROSE
  • “ A good story with some strong characters. ” – By Vickey McGee

44. Gray Mountain: A Novel by John Grisham

  • “ Predictable, weak characters, boring plot. ” – By Cate Cullen
  • “ I really wanted this book to be good, and kept hoping it would get better, but at the end, all I could think was, “is that all there is?” ” – By Mark D. Wilson
  • “ Interesting story and characters and very well written. ” – By David

45. My Sister’s Grave by Robert Dugoni

  • “ A very good, well written story . ” – By yram
  • “ This book was so hard to put down, it kept you guessing from start to finish. ” – By Peggy Heckman
  • “ First book I have read by this author and I will look for more by Dugoni. ” – By cybrrn

46. The Second Ship (The Rho Agenda Book 1) by Richard Phillips

  • “ Great characters and very well written. ” – By Chuck
  • “ I highly recommend this book for science fiction fans. ” – By russm367
  • “ Once you start reading you don’t want to put the book down until you finish it. ” – By BDE

47. The Last Israelis – an Apocalyptic, M… by Noah Beck

  • “ Noah Beck’s The Last Israelis is a very timely story that portrays a worst-case scenario of Israel’s demise. ” – By Lit Shrink
  • “ The writer spent too much time trying to develop the characters and not enough time on the real story. ” – By Fritz Jensen
  • “ Very well written. ” – By Penny Garrison

48. Viper Game (Ghostwalker Novel Book 11) by Christine Feehan

  • “ I can’t wait for the next update on this series. ” – By Amazon Customer
  • “ I highly recommend the Ghostwalker series, as well as Christine Feehan’s other books – and yes, I have them all and have read them all, several times! ” – By Cindy Brooks
  • “ I could not put this book down once I started reading. ” – By Critical Reviewer

49. First to Kill (The Nathan McBride Ser… by Andrew Peterson

  • “ I though this was a great story line, with well developed characters, and a very intriguing plot! ” – By jpulanco
  • “ I look forward to reading my next book in the McBride series. ” – By James
  • “ It kept me on the edge of my seat just wanting to keep reading more. ” – By Nik b

50. Dark Places: A Novel by Gillian Flynn

  • “ Twists and turns until the very end will keep you guessing. ” – By Jill Holleran
  • “ I could not put this book down once I started reading. ” – By cindy ward

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